Hello world!

Shalom! Greetings everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your continued support of my mission trip.  I am excited for the journey to begin and I know that so much more preparation has to be done before we leave.  I am continuing to pray and prepare myself for this trip every day.  I know I will be a stretched on this journey, I know I will be drawing closer to the Father and my increase in my total reliance on Him will be strengthened as well.

I am praying for personal and spiritual strength for this trip and for your continued support of me.  I am thankful for your prayers and calls for support.  I am writing this as a present thanks for your actions, a thanks for the support you plan to give to me in the coming weeks, and as a call to encourage your support of my trip financially.  I am asking for your immediate and needed support of my trip.  How better to say it? Please send your charitable contributions to www.globaljourney.org and donate through Paypal or by writing checks payable to Global Journey indicating Felix on the memo line and sending it to Hope for Life Ministry/Global Journey 408 South Seguin Street, New Braunfels, TX  78130.

I am asking with encouragement because of our fast approaching departure date, June 3.  Thankfully our departure is being delayed by one day so more time for prayer and support can be given! Praise God!

I am excited that you are a part of my life, I am excited that you are reading this now and I am excited to talk to you personally when I return from my trip to tell you how much you are impacting my life.  Ultimately we are a blessing to each other, as we both grow closer to God every day.  I love the way this works! Remember to include your contact information for me to thank you when I return.

Remember to check my blog frequently to learn about how things are, with all of us.  Peace, joy and LOVE to all of you! Praise God, for He is truly good!

Felix Caballero

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